MagicBaby 3D User Guide (中文)


  1. Download and install Goto OBS here (click to download), support Win7(x64) and Win10(x64). (If you encounter any security warnings due to the Windows defence mechanism, just going on feel free)

  2. Get the both USB plugs pluged in your host. (Prefer connecting the motherboard directly via USB slots from the back of your computer case to the front one. And if you need USB hub or USB extension cord, be sure that the length should be less than 1M)

  3. Launch Goto OBS, just wait for seconds at the first time you start, you would get the preview as figure followed. If the picture is broken or only one camera works, maybe you should change the USB slots and try it again. If you always cannot open the VR camera(means you just got the black preview finally), mostly because of the incompleteness of Windows OS, such as lack for DirectX, and VS runtime libraries related, you should get them repaired on Microsoft official site, MSDN etc.


  1. At first double-click 'GotoCapture' or right-click 'GotoCapture' -> 'Properties' navigate to properties page.

    Refer to the figure followed, adjust the value according to your desire. List detailly:

  2. Get 'FaceBeauty' checked, and slide the thumbs.

Live Show And Record 3D Video

Record 3D Video

Live Streaming

  1. Contact live-show platform for the RTMP streaming host address
  2. Go to 'Settings' page

  3. Highlight 'Stream' column, and input the streaming host information as the figure followed

  4. Back to main page, and click 'Start streaming' to start streaming

Codec Settings

Recoding Settings

Individual Mode


Support Win7/8/10, x64 system, xp and x86 is pending.
At least two USB slots.
Recommend, minimum requirement is Inter i5 CPU, 4GB RAM, if you need 'Face Beauty', discrete graphics card is plus.
For live-show, at least the network bandwidth should be 3MB